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Jeffrey Gurian – Is he who I think he is?

Jeffrey Gurian
Jeffrey Gurian

Jeffrey Gurian - Contact via Comedy Matters

Jeffrey Gurian started life as a cosmetic dentist. Like you do...

He was still a little pumped when we recorded the show. He hadn't slept much after hosting and producing a hit New York comedy show the previous night.

We talked about the pressure of performing live on stage. People will ALWAYS clap if you sing - however bad.

But if your jokes are no good - you will bomb.

Jeffrey let us into the subtleties of some ways needed to avoid this.

Blocking out negativity cropped up again and I still haven't figured out if this desert island has wifi or not.

Jeffrey was the first person to take his family curiously.

For most people - the choice of eat in or takeaway is a genuine one. Not if you live in New York City - where there are restaurants every 3 feet. Takeaway is not really a choice.

As a curious wrap to the show - on a cruise - someone asked (of Jeffrey) "Is that who I think it is?" (thinking he was Elton John).

A short escapade went on - with the person who made the call of mistaken identity was a little annoyed.

Moral of the story - never assume things - always find out for yourself - and trust no one.

Jeffrey has just written his FIFTH BOOK - The first four were via a traditional publisher - The latest one is self published.

"Healing Your Heart, By Changing Your Mind - A Spiritual and Humorous Approach To Achieving Happiness"

Jeffrey Gurian

Jessie Sutherland – Boys will be boys…

jessie sutherland
Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland - Contact via

It'a an interesting question.

What do you do without the consent of the other party.

Tedx speaker Jessie Sutherland talks about preparing to delivering training for UNESCO, grateful that we don't live in a war zone. 

Plus - boys will be boys - really ? Why?

A culture of belonging - and one of the best things to make sure you stay sane in the mad crazy world that we live in - is to have a set of values and beliefs that you can hold on to. Without these you are tossed around on the seas of every whacko oddball that you come across. 

Jessie is a Tedx speaker and you can watch that below.

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the insight below...

Shannon Evans – Arrogance is an ignorance

shannon evans
shannon evans

Shannon Evans - Contact via​The scholar coach​​​

As often is the case  - guests come up with something which either - by accident or design - drills right to the heart of Funky Thinkers.

Shannon said Arrogance is an Ignorance.

Arrogance - caused by ignorance is probably one of the biggest threats to mankind - aside from the whole in the ozone layer.

Shannon is writing a book - which may now have a title - aimed at young women going to college.

We talked about catch phrases, leadership and self starting.

Shannon was probably one of the most organised people ever to go to the Funky Thinkers desert island - you will have to listen to find out why.

Too busy to listen to the full episode - watch the extract below.

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