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Is Heather Vickery the world’s best single parent?

Is Heather Vickery the world's best single parent?

Heather vickery
Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery - Contact via

Heather Vickery is a success coach and podcast host.

No video insight on this one - but we talked a lot about parenting, single parenting and nature vs nurture.

Heather recommended a book called "Nurture shock" which I have linked to

The "T" word - Trump cropped up and we talked about him for longer than is usual.

Plus - a story about the first person that Barack Obama told that he won the election.

Imagine being THAT PERSON. You hadn't seen it on the news or TV or whatever. BARACK OBAMA tells you that he has won the election and wants a picture with YOU.

Note - this person wasn't Heather - the story is included to GET YOU THINKING about possibilities - about insights and circumstances that you wouldn't normally get.

Bizarrely, The Police - rock group cropped up again. Sting, Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers.

If you have never heard or seen The Police - have a look at one of the coolest intro's to a song ever.

Heather Vickery tattoo 110

Lisa-Marie Platske – I am GOING to be marooned on a desert Island?

 Lisa-Marie Platske - I am GOING to be marooned on a desert Island?

Lisa-Marie Platske
Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa- Marie PLatske - Contact via

Lisa-Marie Platske put a bit of a fly in the oitment as far as the carefully prepared questions go.

As I have said before - although they may look flippant and easy. They are harder than they appear.

Lisa-Marie blasted a whole - port side - through the desert Island question.

If you are pushed for time - be sure to watch the insight video below. It will give you the skinny.

Will children born today have better or worse lives than their parents?

The answer - it depends - opportunity is everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

Lisa-Marie shared with us how her life flashed before her in a market square in Ethiopia.

What would you do if you thought you were going to die? (Maybe I should start to include that as a question). What do you think?

Lisa-Marie came up with a new phrase - "Connection is the new currency" which we are adding to the Funky Thinkers stable.

Lisa-Marie Platske tattoo 109

Too busy to listen to the full episode?
Watch the extract below.

John Clark-Movement for the independence of Northern England

John Clark-Movement for the independence of Northern England

John Clark

Jon Clark came on my radar because he had set up a movement for the independence of northern england.

This didn't crop up on the call - but he did share off mic. that he wasn't sure where to take it or what to do with it.

BUT movement for the independence of northern england as an acronym of MINE. I suspect that his intention is to do a slow burning online campaign.

We did talk about being known and more famous in Australia (or somewhere else in the world) than you are in your hometown.

Of course, with the internet - this is entirely possible - even desirable...

The inner game of Tennis -  - is the bible of all modern sports psychology.

Much the same as Funky Thinker Ronan reckons that Psycho-Cybernetics is the bible on which all self help books are based on.

I still haven't read it yet - Psycho-Cybernetics - I have too big a pile of Tony Robbins books to get through first... (joke)

Why do people say "like" all the time?

We (John and myself) agree that it is a combination of a mental clearing the throat and a verbal tick - transferred to and from similar people you hang out with.

Jon Clarke tattoo 108

Joel Wolh – Just ship everything in…

Joel Wolh - Just ship everything in...

Joel Wolh
Joel Wolh

Joel Wohl - Contact via

Joel pointed out that everything is newer in the US versus the UK.

New Jersey vs Jersey, New England vs England.

You get the idea.

Initially I asked Joel his views on LinkedIn videos - for it is this which first brought him onto my radar.

You can watch the insight video below to get a taster.

Children grew up much simpler way back when.

You didn't have to call ahead to make sure that someone was free - you just took a ball or a bat and went round.

If Joel was stranded on a desert island, he would just do what the DHL advert does and get everything brought in. The ad is below.

Easy - forget all this survival nonsense. Maybe that is the real takeaway of the question - that no where in the world is uncontactable nowadays.

George Clooney or Brad Pitt would play Joel in a film. The George Clooney advert I refer to is below.

Connect with Joel on LinkedIn

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Ada Cheng – University Professer turned story teller

Ada Cheng - Some people are dead before they die...

Ada Cheng
Ada Cheng

Ada Cheng - Contact via

Ada Cheng is a former University Professor and lecturer turned speaker and story teller.

On the show, I have a rule of no swearing, no politics and no religion and funnily enough, in answer to the question

"What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?"

Ada's response was - "swearing, politics and religion"

Nice easy one there then...

Ada sang along to Phil Collins - No jacket required - sample below.

And on a more serious theme, a story of out and out discrimination she experienced - you will have to listen to the full episode to find out what it was.

Ada would like to be stuck in a lift (elevator) with Patti Smith, Elton John and David Bowie.

Ada Cheng Tattoo106.

Dana Pharant – Would make a terrible employee

Dana Pharant - Would make a terrible employee...

Dana Pharant
Dana Pharant

Dana Pharant - contact via

Dana Pharant would make a terrible employee...

She said so herself...

The T word (Trump) cropped up again - followed by a general discussion about victim thinking.

Concrete sequential thinking cropped up again.
 Concrete sequential thinking is the way that normalites survive life.

They focus on the block of 6 x 6 concrete that is in front of their eyes.

See the insight video below about showing employees how to do something so well that they want to do it like that FOREVER...

Dana would sing along to Madonna as a teenager. As someone who has reinvented herself numerous times - Madonna is a bit of a Funky Thinker.

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Lucinda Bakken White – Bought the American dream – Got a refund…

Lucinda Bakken White - Bought the American dream - Got a refund...

 Lucinda Bakken White
Lucinda Bakken White

Lucinda Bakken White - Contact via

Lucinda Bakken White bought the American dream. One of external validation of accomplishments and decided to get a refund.

We now know this as the trauma of conspicuous consumption.

That is - buying stuff to impress other people (remember - social media didn't exist in the 1980's).

We now know (or at least the show does after carrying out over 100 duologue episodes that the trauma of conspicuous consumption is a short term fix - doomed to end in unhappyness, guilt, rage, debt and/or all of the above.

Botswana cropped up for the first time - as did the Kalahari desert. Plus - next time you are out - use ALL your five senses...

 Lucinda Bakken White tattoo 104