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Darrel Frater-The human conservation theory

Darrel Frater - Needs to write a book... Quick...

Darrel Frater
Darrel Frater

Darrel Frater - Sales sharpshooter

Darrel Frater gave us a funky thinkers exclusive. Or at least he did when I said that he had.

It has long been my assertion that the film Wall - E was very prophetic.

If you can't remember Wall E or don't know it - it is set sometime in the future when human civilization has been reduced to living in reclining chairs - due to mass morbid obesity. And every thing they need is brought to them via robots. Sounds familiar eh?

Darrel has been doing some research and it is his theory - called the human conservation theory - that humans will do as little as physically possible to survive. To conserve their status as alive.

We also talked about sales processes, daily success tips and positive vs negative and more.

Connect with Darrel on Linkedin on this link.

Darrel Frater tattoo 103

Kate Frank – What needs to be in place to make it as an author

Kate Frank - What has to be in place to make it as an author?

Kate Frank

Kate Frank - Contact via http://authorityredefined.com/

Kate Frank is a ghost writer and this episode is essential listening if you have aspirations to write any kind of book.

We talk about the democratization of publishing.

That is - anyone can publish a book - via the createspace platform.

But if you think it is going to be easy - get a snippet in the video extract below.

Kate came up with a Funky Thinkers truism - that is technology is going to ROT your brain.

Katherine Hepburn would play Kate in a film.

kate frank_tattoo102

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Think Opposite with Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey

Alison Dongahey contact via https://dominothinking.com/

I had spoke to Alison before Funky Thinkers was born - about a webinar series.

I seem to recall that we had a Funky Thinkers style conversation which I really should have recorded.

Anyways - on the show proper - we saw the birth (maybe) of Funky Thinkers anti political correctness - and not in the foul mouthed obscene shouting that I can go onto twitter to find easily enough.

Instead of figuring out what to call somebody - maybe we should spend the time (and expense) in getting to know them.

Maybe that will involve a little more effort than putting people in boxes.

Alison has been called an angry white male. Ahh the joy of virtual conversations - (clue - look at the picture to the left of the screen).

Alison would want to get stuck in a lift with Jordan Peterson.


And also - Keanu Reeves - not for obvious reasons - what ever they are - but to ask him what he is really like.

I have included the twitter page of Italian soccer player Mario Ballotelli - once threw a dart at a team mate. Note what it says in his bio...

Oh and there is a map which you need to listen to the show to understand what it is...

Alison Dongahy_Tattoo101
mario ballotelli twitter

Plus - where you would actually end up if you went due west from Vancouver Island....

pacific ocean

Kathy Gruver – Funky advice for the ultimate internet detox

Kate Gruver - Funky advice for the ultimate internet detox

Kathy Gruver

Kathy Gruver - Contact via http://kathygruver.com/

Do people need motivating? Why would you go and listen to a motivational speaker? If your life is all about your business and your family is relying on you - surely that's all the motivation you need?

What is Kathy Gruver's tip to really detox from social media?

Most people (normalites) would answer that they need some kind of app or software or gadget or thing.

Kathy's funky answer is to be your own parent.

That's it - simple as that.

Meryl Streep would play Kathy in a film.

Lambrini girls crop up for the first time.

Lambrini is (or was - it's probably illegal now) very cheap wine that has probably never seen a vineyard.

Generally speaking - and I am not a wine snob - if a bottle of wine has a screw top - I would avoid it.

A lambrini girl is a term for women and girls who drink a lot of Lambrini with obvious consequences. 

The pyramids of Egypt make a recurring appearance.

Kathy Gruver tatto100

Too busy to listen to the full episode? Watch the Funky extract below.

Nathen Aswell – Difference between affirmation and intention

Nathen Aswell - If something is out of your control - do this...

Nathen Aswell
Nathen Aswell

Nathen Aswell - Musician & speaker

Contact via www.nathenaswell.com

Nathen Aswell is a recording artist and speaker.

We discussed the difference between affirmations and intentions. Clue - one is just a wish list.

What is the emotional freedom technique?

Nathen explains it in language that even I can understand.

How to deal with difficult people ?

The only thing you can do (really) is to concentrate on yourself. Watch the Funky extract below.

We also discuss The Police - the group - not the law. Sting is the person Nathen would most like to be stuck in a lift (or elevator) with.

Not only to talk about his musical career - but how they bootstrapped the whole first album - probably before the word bootstrapping had ever been invented.

If you have never seen or heard of The Police - there is a video at the video at the very bottom of this page.

Nathen Aswell tattoo 99

Here is a clip of Nathen's favourite band. With probably one of the best introductions of the 1980's - if not of all time.