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Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner-Too busy thinking about the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner
Colton Geschwandtner

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We are inching towards 100 episodes with someone who is excited not for himself but for other people.

Colton Geschwandtner is reviving the live music scene in Western Canada.

Watching other people have success and reveling in it is a pretty cool trait.

People like Colton are much more interesting (and useful to have in your network) than those 'friends' who insist it is them in front dead centre of the instagram picture.

To his desert island, Colton would take a sweater to guard against the cold. (Being Canadian...), his accoustic guitar, a fishing rod, safety gloves and The art of war by Sun Tzu.

Now I am seeing a desert island.

I wonder if he will have some of those cut off jeans and bare feet.

A brief discussion about looking guilty and best advice for social media detox is to go for a long walk with someone.
Busier thinking about the possibilities than we are actually chasing the possibilities?

Colton Geschwandtner

Too busy to listen to the full episode - Listen to the insight below.

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