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Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Domain snatching with Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton
Kim Sutton

Kim Sutton

When we allow ourselves to randomly free flow, conversation allows us to say things we would usually feel constricted against saying.

Usually these days, when people say these things it is often followed by a rant for or against political correctness. 

Obviously we don't do politics on Funky Thinkers.

 But listen how Kim and myself come up with an idea for a domain name and an entire business - just by randomly trash talking.

What is the domain, was it already registered and have either of us made a killing on it?

You will just have to listen to find out.

We also talked about chronic idea disorder, the Wright Brothers, (the flying ones) and sleep.

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Kirsty Salisbury – What if you dislike ALL popular culture?

Kirsty Salisbury - What if you dislike ALL popular culture?

Kirsty Salisbury
Kirsty Salisbury

What if you live in a place where the pressure to do something or be something or like something is particularly crushing?

You NEED to be a Funky Thinker just to get through life...

Kirsty Salisbury lives in NZ and dislikes both Rugby and The Hobbit. ​

How to survive this?

How to swim against the tide of common popular culture?

Things that EVERYONE ELSE is talking about.

This can be seriously hard word - just to get through life.

Kirsty has some tips.

We also talk about driverless cars, biblical times, The holocaust and more.

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Jennifer Gardner-Fed up with social media

Jennifer Gardner-Fed up with social media

Jennifer Gardner
jennifer gardner

Jennifer Gardner

Jennifer Gardner is fed up with social media.

I am pretty sure that there are many people like Jennifer. 

It is "uncool" to say so.

When everyone else is having such a good time, living such perfect lives.

It's hard to admit - to go against the tide.

To think Funky.

Maybe that's you.

Maybe you will get an insight into the real non airbrushed, selfie ready, instagram following world.

Jennifer says that she detoxes by just sitting out on her back porch starring at the sky, listening and looking at the wildlife.

When was the last time you did this? (Without holding a pod or a pad or a mobile device).

You should try it. 

Start though, by listening to the duologue below.

Everett De Morier-Can you change a tyre?

Can you change a tyre (or tire) and if not? why not?

Everet De Morier
Everett de Morier

 Everett De Morier

This was a first for Funky Thinkers - a guest with a wikipedia page.

As  Everett De Morier was watching his boys grow into men, he asked himself a series of questions.

How had he done as a father?

Could his sons change a flat tyre (or tire) on a car? 

Could they cook a meal? Light a fire?

Interesting - self reflective - questions to ask as your kids get older.

We talked about the state of publishing - which is interesting given the Everett reckons the minimum number of words for a "book" is now around 2600 (On Amazon kindle).

If you are interested in Fatherhood and the role of Dads in the world, you should also listen to Elliot Katz.

You can contact Everett via Everett De

Tapping into original Funky Thinkers with Julio Briones

Tapping into original Funky Thinkers with Julio Briones

Julio Briones
Julio Briones

Julio Briones

Contact via

After a brief trip round Bruce Springsteen album names, we settle down to business.

Capitalism - the running of business for a profit tends to focus on the cool stuff.

Very little focus and attention is placed on what happens when someone is unable (or unwilling) to carry out their job.

Julio Briones has thought of that.

Answerman Speciality Services can provide help, advice and consulting when family members or employees have been arrested, got into trouble with drugs, legal issues or anything which is likely to take their mind off the issue of working or being productive.

We talk about punk rock - not this modern new fangled stuff - the original 1970's acts. The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, The Stranglers. 

Which is interesting - because recently, there was a big thing in the news about Madonna at 60. 

Well, I have to say - there would be no Madonna (or Spice Girls or Girls Aloud or Rihanna or Lady Gaga any of those without an original Funky Thinker - Siouxsie Sioux. There is a video at the bottom of this page.

Remember - Funky Thinkers is about getting an idea or an insight that you wouldn't ordinarily have got - by hanging round with "the usual crowd."

Melody Spencer – WHY is THIS a surprise ?

WHY is THIS a surprise ? - Melody Spencer

Melody Spencer
melody spencer

Melody Spencer

Melody Spencer is a Digital marketing and Facebook ads strategist.

Finally, I found someone who agrees with me on the Facebook data "scandal" of the last few months. 

"Why is it a shock?"

I mean why - when you hand over all manner of personal data - quite often - people tell things to the internet - that they don't even tell their spouse or significant other.

Why then, is it a shock to discover that you are targeted with hyper relevant ads?

I thought it was just me.

Plus - I have also observed that many mobile websites are now unusable - thanks to GDPR compliance notices AND pop ups.


We talked about being radically honest - or being a people pleaser.

Melody would go back to 1960's America, 1930's & 1940's America. All times of significant social upheaval.

Come to think of it - when WAS there a time when there was no social upheaval?

Maybe that would be an interesting time to go back to?

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Maxwell Ivey jnr is the blind blogger

Maxwell Ivey is the blind blogger

Plus a cautionary tale of minding your language...

Maxwell Ivey
maxwell ivey jnr

Maxwell Ivey - The Blind Blogger

Contact via

Sometimes in life - we do something that we realise we hadn't.

Maybe it is less common now with the whole "Someone's offence and distress is caused by another mans right to free speech" discussion thing that is going on, but I still feel it.

I mean that moment - the few moments - the hours and days after you something - and realise - that it was a really REALLY stupid (and potentially offensive) thing to say. What ever offensive means any more.

We were talking about Max being single and the chances of a very tall blind guy finding a soul mate.

Without thinking - I asked him if he had ever seen the TV show blind date.

Think about that for a second - I asked a blind person if he had ever seen a TV show called blind date.

Leaving aside the fact that he had just opened up - publicly - about being frustrated by being single.

I edited that bit out. (Very rare I do any editing) I was mortified. But thinking about it. Maybe I should have left it in. It sure has made me aware - acutely aware, of how we use language.

And I got thinking about it - a lot. They say it is a visual world - with Pinterest and Instagram and LinkedIn video that everyone has gone nuts about recently. But not for a blind person it isn't. They live in a world of screen readers and captioned TV. (Max is used to English accents by the way - most voice over - even of the hardest nose US police dramas are voiced in British English.

Have a listen to the show - it will be worth your while. Just watch your language.

Flip the switch with Nichole Carlson

#FunkyThinkers - Nichole Carlson

Nichole Carlson
Nicole Carlson

Nichole Carlson - Flip (or flick) the switch.

One of the benefits of having the same questions on the show is that *sometimes* I can get away with very little research.

I mean I have talked to other show hosts who insist on reading books written by potential guests. I rarely bother with anything as deep as that.

With Nichole, I knew that I could wing it. This is in no way disrespectful. I just somehow figured that Nichole would be professional enough to make it an easy show to do.

My reward was to prove a Funky Thinkers truism. 

That just by talking in a relaxed manner, I was able to uncover Nichole's strapline - with no prompting or teasing. Just by talking.

And so I challenge you - to listen to this (or any) episode with an open mind. 

Maybe - just maybe - you will get an idea, a suggestion, a thought or something useful.

This is because when we speak or listen in a relaxed manner, we often suspend our believe systems, prejudice, whatever you want to call it. 

Have a listen.

Oh and then contact Nichole via

nichole carlson

Hypnotist Richard Barker

Hypnotist Richard Barker - Turns up in a wizards hat?

Richard Barker Hypnotist

When he is not on TV, Hypnotist Richard Barker works with people who are in need of Funky Thinking.

People who has tried conventional INDUSTRY techniques for stopping smoking, weight loss, depression, virtually everything you can buy a book or some pills for.

They expect him to turn up in a wizards hat...

Richard owns 2 x 16 foot dinosaur props that were in Jurassic Park and rents them out for events at fairgrounds and festivals.

Richard has been to the Falkland Islands. The Falkland Islands is a small group of Islands just off the coast of South America. The UK went to was with Argentina in 1982. In British culture. the Falkland Islands and the Falklands war is quite a big thing.

We talked about the power of silence, competitors and enemies, TV's in bedrooms.

Richard did something which I thought was a little odd also. He knocked one of his competitors. That's not something guests on the show normally do. Maybe I need to learn how to go on TV and interview celebrities and stars like Richard does if I want to do this.

Brad Pitt (or Paul McKenna) would play Richard in a film.

(If you are interested in more British people living in the USA, You should listen to Tiffany Ann Beverlin.

Richard Barker
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What would you teach people who lived 20,000 years ago?

What would you teach people who lived 20,000 years ago?

Greg Rosner
funky thinkers

Greg Rosner - New York

Picture the scene if you will.

You are in the audience at a live event. And the presenter asks a question.

"Who wants me to explain this again?"

Everyone looks round to see what the social collective thinks before raising their hands.

People are paralysed by this kind of group think.

In this episode of Funky Thinkers, among other things,  we discuss technology that can make this type of awkwardness obsolete.

Plus we discuss, what would you teach someone who lived 20,000 years ago that would be useful to them?

And what would they teach you? (Apart from which leaves and berries are safe to eat, how to start a fire, how to kill and skin live animals for food).

garden of the gods

Garden of the gods - Greg's most unusual place.

Mark Wahlberg or Brad Pitt would play Greg in a film.

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