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Don’t like where you are? Bend your reality…

Bend your reality, The Benson co-efficient for speakers and coach central...

Carol Benson

Carol Benson built (and lost) a multi million pound business. Losing everything - house, car, faced bankruptcy, the whole lot. Everything.

Now they work to help people who are stuck in a rut, on the hamster wheel however you want to describe it.

At that point in the conversation, we talked about bending the reality.

We talked about a new invention - "The Benson co-efficient" - worth knowing if you are a speaker.

But you will have to listen to the episode to find out what it is.

Carol Benson_Tattoo 76

The first funky thinkers threesome…

#FunkyThinkers - Simone and Malcolm Collins

simone and malcolm collins
simone and malcolm collins

Simone and Malcolm Collins

This was a first for funky thinkers. Our first threesome. That is - two guests. 

In the mix today, the leapfrog effect - it is something to do with technology and developing countries, The psychology of mass appeal sports and the come back of old school service industries. Like the travel agent or the guy in the brown overalls at the local bike shop. (LBS as we call it).

It is the unwanted spin off of the internet. Person buys part for bike (or washing machine or whatever), can't for the life of them figure out how to make it work - has to consult tradesperson skilled in such tasks.

Paul Gascoigne

The iconic image of Paul Gascoigne crying into the England shirt after England lost the 1990 World Cup semi-final in Turin on penalties. Worth studying if you are interested in the mass appeal of sport and it's impact on people.

simone and malcolm collins

Simone & Malcolm Collins were pleased to be on - as you can see.

Buy The pragmatist's guide to life below.

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Show me – don’t tell me…

Show me - don't tell me...

owen crisp

Owen Crisp - Used funky thinkers to write his own eulogy. (That is what get's said at your funeral).

Owen Crisp was instrumental in bringing a key plank of the funky thinkers methodology to my mind.

Take a look at any guru in any niche on the internet.

They will all - without a doubt - be telling you how great they are.

Shouting at you - to buy their stuff.

I am a GOD. I am a GODDESS. 

And they make claims that are louder and louder (and frankly less believeable)

They are telling you who they are.

It's up to you who you spend your money with - but I am pretty sure you will agree - none of them are showing you who they are.

Owen, on the otherhand, gave the notes he had made to his family and said - file this away ready for my funeral. This is my eulogy.

We also talked about Yoga, cat naps and drone technology.

Owen can be complicated via www.marketinguncomplicated.com

Owen Crisp_tattoo73

The British joke about American people…

The British joke about American people...

Jon Christian
jon christian

J​on Christian

Jon Christian has a mission. To have the greatest impact on other people by awakening their own passion, purpose, and potential.

Instead of boring classroom training, he does this through Skydiving, Mountain Climbing, Zip Lining, Surfing, Auto Racing, Endurance Races, Backpacking, Ice Climbing, Hiking, Volcano Exploring, Ocean Kayaking, Outdoor Fitness, Humanitarian Projects, Study Abroad, Mission Trips, Volunteer Events, Whitewater Rafting, and Scuba Diving.

We talk about the British Joke about American people, being the CEO of your own life and meetup.

You can contact Jon via Zerkers.com

jon christian
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Fun at work ? Against the law?

Is the question I am asking on Monday 16th July 2018 11am EST/4pm UK/London

What am I missing?

I gathered two of my elite funky thinkers to discuss this issue live.

With so many distractions and so much pressure to get work done, workers and management are often on a collision course.

I invite you invest ONE HOUR to hear multiple different perspectives debated in a mature manner.

You should attend if you are a HR professional, leadership advisor, operational manager or just interested in productivity of your staff.

I promise, no boring powerpoint, no sales, no hype, no BS.

Just thought provoking interactions delivering a lifetime of insight.

david holzmer

David Holzmer PhD www.davidholzmer.com

Organizational Consultant and Leadership Advisor

carol benson

Author, speaker, Leadership consultant.


Poker coach writes romance book (also obese fish…)

Poker coach writes romance book (also obese fish...)

Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson is a poker player, poker coach and wrote a book about romance. (Which I give him a bit of a hard time on).

We talk about obese fish - fed heavily with no natural predictors. 

The underground lake is Craighead caverns by the way.

We talk about people wanting something so much and when they finally get it - they don't appreciate the value of it.

Plus Brad did something really funky - he asked for clarification of the question. (The magic wand question specifically).

Where most people would rather just fill the space with something probably less than 100% relevant - Brad stopped and paused before we went on.

Plus a biopic based on Brad's life would be so boring. He said it...

brad wilson

Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth – NO problem…

Mother nature could WIPE us off the earth - NO problem...

Ira Pastor
ira pastor

Ira Pastor - Contact via www.bioquark.com

Ira Pastor is the first "real" science guy we have had on the show.

We talked about animals that can regrow a backbone or a skull casing or an eyeball if it happened to lose one. The psychology behind self driving cars. (We have had self driving planes for years so you know).

Ira is a funky thinker in a trillion dollar industry (the pharmaceutical one) relying on something made in Victorian times. (penicillin).

Ira also made two interesting predictions. Well actually one is a prediction and one is an interesting viewpoint.

The first is that someone would be brought back from clinically, legal dead, back to life WITHING TEN YEARS. I did press him to make this a funky thinkers exclusive but it turns out, he had already predicted it. 

The second viewpoint is that mother nature could sweep the human race from the face of the earth any time she chose to.

We are CLINGING on to life. So it makes sense to make the most of it.

ira pastor

Is real conversation a dying art or been dead for years?

Is the question we will be asking on Funky Thinkers live. 9th July 2018. 11am EST/4pm BST/UK

What am I missing?

Fast always on internet is everywhere.

Everyone is either staring at a phone, a pod or a pad, or has one surgically attached to their ears.

What to do?

What are the implications for business owners trying to get a product to market. ?

What are the implications for parents? For teachers?

To get people's attention long enough to have a meaningful conversation.

I have gathered three of my elite funky thinkers to discuss the issues. You can join in. Ask questions - get answers.

I promise, no boring powerpoint, no sales, no hype, no BS.

Just thought provoking interactions delivering a lifetime of insight.

Your panel

funky thinkers

Michael Sherlock - Author, speaker, podcast host.


divya parekh

Divya Parekh - Author, Speaker, coach.


Otakara Klettke

Otakara Klettke - Multiple Author (Fiction & non fiction)