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Automated happy messages?

Automated happy messages? And David Ortiz' greatest ever hit?

matt ward
matt ward

Matt Ward - Massive Boston Red Sox fan

Contact via www.breakthrough-champion.com

Matt Ward is a keynote speaker on referrals and referral marketing.

As I was writing these notes, it was hammered home to me how nuanced this is. And most people talk "social" and "referrals" when what they are actually doing is automated happy messages.

I had seen that someone (not Matt) has written a book about referrals so I was interested in having her on the show.

I sent a LinkedIn connection request and got an (obvious bot) reply with some thing along the lines of 

"Sorry for the delay in replying" (it had been 5 minutes) "

I been busy writing, I am so stressed - Blah de blah boring boring- buy my book. 

PS recommend it to your buddies also.


How is an automated response with a requirement to buy a book social?

I NEVER DID get a response to my invitation to give her decibels. Offer withdrawn anyways.

Seems to me that the only people who are allowed to sell on social media ARE THE ONES SELLING social media training.

</rant> But I digress.

On this call we talked about Milton Hershey - an original funky thinker, David Ortiz (below) and zero calorie chocolate.

The 'R' word crops up AGAIN - respectfullness.

Listen to this interview and work out who is selling what and to who?

THAT'S what you want in a referral partner right?

That funky thinkers.

David Ortiz's most famous hit is below.

The episode is below that.

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What is the “Uberisation of everything” ?

What is the "Uberisation of everything" ?

Paul Maskill
funky thinkers

Paul Maskill - North Carolina

Paul Maskill is a business development coach specialising in local services.

Which is kind of interesting - thinking that pretty soon, there will be NO LIMIT on what Amazon can put in a box and ship to you. Or as we discussed, the "Uberisation of everything". Want someone to cut your grass - just get on the app and a local trademan will come along withing 30 minutes and do it for you. It could be that he lives in the next street - you just didn't know he cut grass. Thanks to the internet - now you do.

Paul writes in a journal in the morning and we talked about focusing on how far we have come rather than the few people who are infront of us.

Paul would go back to the time of Henry Ford (any descendants of Henry Ford - we would love to have you on the show).

Astonishingly, well maybe not so - this is Funky Thinkers after all - Paul is quite happy with his lot in life and would use his magic wand to get rid of the darn pollen round where he lives.

Paul is reading "The pursuit of time and money" by Dr Sharon Spano.

The oddest place Paul has been is backpacking round South America - realising he is the only North American there.

When the rest of the people he meets are British, French, Australian he finds it curious that most other Americans spend two weeks going to a resort location sat on a sunbed, drinking coke, eating pizza and get fat and sunburnt.

(They are the normalites)

Contact Paul via PaulMaskill.com

Doing the opposite of the weight loss “industry” and getting results… How funky…

Doing the opposite of the weight loss "industry" and getting results... How funky...

aarn farmer
aarn farmer

Aarn Farmer

 Before                                After

Aarn is funky thinking personified.

He was overweight, (dangerously) unhealthy and very unhappy.

He looked at what the diet, health, wellness INDUSTRY was providing him.

Books, DVD's training courses, bootcamps, gym memberships which do what?

Make money FOR THEM...

Aarn did the exact opposite of what "conventional" wisdom, the gurus and the rest of the world told him, AND GOT RESULTS.

Being a funky thinker - who knew...

To give you the detail - he lost 200lbs (that's 14 stone/90kg) and his wife lost 100lbs.

He had no idea what supertram was - why would he ? Picture below...

His time is spent playing clash of clans - I have no clue what that is but it sounds addictive.

Like several other funky thinkers before him, Aarn would like to go back to the crucifixtion to see what actually happened...And who was right and who was wrong...

If you are new to weight loss and struggling with the whole mainstream diet thing, Aarn recommended a few books which are below.


The South Yorkshire super tram is pictured above. Ideal for listening to audio books and playing clash of clans on...

Aarn recommended a few books which are below.

The Green Shields stamp story

The Green shield stamp story

Erin Winfrey
erin winfrey

Erin Winfrey

In this episode I tell the story about the Green Shields stamps, how to read body language of strangers when deciding to talk to them or not.

Erin hates sports and we discussed the presentation of major league sport as pure entertainment.

The pearl of wisdom from this episode is that if you could live forever, you would never be grateful for anything.

Erin recommends a book called "The laith of heaven" which I have listed below.

We had some (unusual) internet connectivity issues on this call and it is slightly truncated.


What happens if you are marooned in the USA?

What happens if you are marooned in the USA?

tiffany ann beverlin
funky thinkers

Tiffany Ann Beverlin - Dreamsrecycled.com

Tiffany was (in her words) marooned in the USA.

British person, moves to the US for a job, falls in love, gets married, has three kids, gets divoced. Can't take kids out of country without being arrested. Marooned.

I asked lots of inane questions about divorce.

Did you know 1 in 5 divorce petitions in the US specifically mention Facebook.

Tiffany now finds herself the head of a large community of divorced people wanting to get on and move forward in life.

Why let 1 person out of 7 billion spoil your life? 

Good (funky) thinking.

Facebook - we agreed - breeds insecurity and jealousy. It breeds and trains people to be unhappy - it encourages people to check out the competition.

What is needed for a succesful marriage is focus.

Hmmm - I guess you could replace marriage with business... what do you know...

Tiffany would go make to medieval times - hello - not as a servant - but as a noble lady.

Not for the historical perspective - to see how they entertained themselves - with jousters and court jesters etc.

You can contact Tiffany via Dreamsrecycled.com or her linkedin profile.

This is worth sharing also. Off mic, were talking about emails.

When I heard how many emails Tiffany had in her inbox - I almost fainted...

I had to have a screen shot.  It is below.

tiffany ann beverlin

This is probably illegal now…

#FunkyThinkers - Lisa Vandiver

Lisa Vandiver
lisa vandiver

Lisa Vandiver - Author - Tupelo - Mississippi

Lisa has been working on a series (fiction) for SEVEN years - and is coming towards the end of it.

Quite obviously, there will be a sister series starting soon.

Lisa has worked in a Russian women's prison and an orphanage and we talked about the everyday needs of people, which are - the same as ours.

With a magic wand - Lisa would build a massive ranch and invite orphans to come and live in it. Together with summer camps and visits by star athletes and entertainers. I can't help but think of the health and safety hassle this would cause but we can dream.

Lisa would go to some medieval period in history. She said Scotland but I suggested Conisborough castle. (Pictured).

She plays video games (probably the only person I have come accross over the age of 15 that plays minecraft) and goes geocaching. If you haven't tried geocaching, it's a great way to waste a bit of time with family and friends in the fresh air.

Julia Roberts would play Lisa in a film

Her three tips are stop judging other people, love other people and much to my delight. Have fun.

Best beard on LinkedIn?

Best beard on LinkedIn?

Casey OBrien
casey obrien

Casey O'Brien

The lunacy of the internet is encapsulated in a nutshell when Funky Thinker Casey O'Brien proclaimed himself (semi seriously) as having the best beard on LinkedIn.

He was immediately innundated with people proclaiming that he was a imposter his beard was no such thing.

His rules are no screens or devices ONE HOUR before bed and no screens or devices ONE HOUR after getting up.

Casey (or any body else) - if you are reading this - Neil Armstrong came from Ohio.

Casey is reading The Iliad - which is kind of fun...

And he would travel back to 1880's America and the wild west.

Larry David would play Casey in a film.

Casey would buy a house on an Island on the lake with his magic wand.

The accidental activist?

The accidental activist...

Madeleine Black
Madeleine black

Madeleine Black - "Accidental Activist"

I am normally quite knockabout on funky thinkers but Madeleine Black almost embodies the serious side.

If you haven't done already - go and watch the YouTube video below this text.

Madeleine calls herself (or I called her) an accidental activist. Which is a good description when you consider what has happened to her - and what is currently happening in Hollywood and virtually every traditional sport featured on TV.

Her mission is to end sexual violence and she is into powerlifting. (Nice...)

Like many other funky thinkers - Madeleine would go back to some turning point in human history. For her it is the suffragette movement.

Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock would play Madeleine in a film.

Madeleine's tips for surviving life are be honest and be unique.

You can contact Madeleine via www.madeleineblack.co.uk or twitter @madblack65

What is virtually guaranteed to make restaurant owners listen?

What is virtually guaranteed to make restaurant owners listen?

Michael Sherlock
funky thinkers

Michael Sherlock - A woman with a man's name. How shocking (and funky).

michael sherlock

Michael Sherlock at the top of the Rocky steps - Philadelphia Art museum.

Michael Sherlock currently lives in Philadelphia. If you know your film history, you will know that the Philadelphia Art Museum steps were immortalised in the film Rocky.

There is a photo of Michael at the top of the steps below.

In this episode, we talk about editing our books and caring for loved ones.

Michael has an EXTREMELY innovative methodology for engagement with restaurants in Philadelphia. Totally different to all the normalite customer service claptrap. 

Michael's scheme is virtually guaranteed to make restaurant owners listen. (You will need to listen to the episode to find out more).

In her time machine, Michael would travel to ancient Greece (or Egypt), Just like Funky Thinker Tom.

Cameron Diaz would play Michael in a film.

Michael is currently reading "The Sixth Extinction" which is below.

Michael's top 3 tips for survival in the mad crazy world that we live in.

1. Write a journal.

2. Exercise for 30 minutes every day.

3. Meditate. (This crops up quite often).