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Do you expect the software to do ALL the work?

Do you expect the software to do ALL the work?

David McGimpsey
David McGimpsey

David McGimpsey - A Scotsman in Japan

David McGimpsey is a presentation skills trainer.

When I asked him why most presentations are shockingly bad, his reply was that most people are time poor. And like most things, they expect the software to do the work.

Which is odd, because we are only just getting to grips with software and tools like Alexa to get stuff done.

Like many Funky Thinkers before him, David recommends both some kind or focus on communication skills and emotional intelligence as part of education.

He also, for Funky Thinkers purposes, invented the word, decompression in answer to the detox or unwind question.

Being a Monty Python fan, John Cleese or Eric Idle would play David in a film.

What’s coming round the corner? More BS marketing…

What's coming round the corner? More BS marketing...

Tom Poland
funky thinkers

Tom Poland - Gold Coast Australia

You can forget the latest Instagram addons or apps to solve a problem you never had in the first place. If Tom had a time machine, he would travel back to ancient Greece to witness the birth of democracy.

How funky is that?

To witness the thought processes as things happened that would bring about such a profound change in human history.

And talking of the birth of democracy, if Tom had a magic wand, he would use it to create one time zone for the whole world.

Quite obviously, although we might love being there at the birth of democracy, we aren't one as Tom would impose Australian time on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, Tom sees more BS coming round the corner in business and marketing.

If you don't know what Caveat Emptor means, it would be a good time to find out.

Preferably sometime soon.

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Very entrepreneurial to meet this need.

Very entrepreneurial to meet this need.

Laura Aiello
funky thinkers

Laura Aiello

Laura Aiello is a divorce strategist. I never realised there was such a job, but obviously there is a need and it's very entrepreneurial to meet that need.

Laura is in the middle of a video series on LinkedIn. You can connect with here on this link.

We talked about isolation and loneliness.

The UK now has a minister for loneliness. (Actually it is technically - I think - part of communities, families and schools but it highlights an increasing problem even in these days of hyper connectedness).

Laura would get clean safe water for the world with her magic wand. In Maslow's hiearchy of need - that is right at the bottom. You can forget fulfilment and self awareness if you are risking death by drinking tap water...

Laura would go back to somewhere between the two world wars if she had a time machine.

A "Meg Ryan type person" would play Laura in a film

Were our parents worried about Instagram?

Were our parents worried about Instagram?

Damien DeHart
Damien DeHart

Damien Dehart

Damien DeHart is unusual in that he has actually met another funky thinker in the flesh - whereas I haven't.

We talked about his LinkedIn local - where all the money raised went to charities working with (or should I say against) sex trafficking.

We talked about fears for our children growing up. Some of which could be mislaid.

(Were any other parents laid awake worried about the risks of instagram say 20 years ago?)

Damien would go back to ancient Egypt or the Roman empire. Although we decided this would be a bit tricky, presumably they didn't have things like dentists and opticians. If you had toothache, well tough.

Russel Crowe would play Damien in a film - largely because of his performance in gladiator.

Damien is one of those annoying people on online games that look like they have been playing it for 20 years, largely because HE HAS.

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Bought painting stuff? And found you are pretty bad? Same here…

Bought painting stuff? And found you are pretty bad? Same here...

Kenny Weiss
funky thinkers

Kenny Weiss - Phoenix Arizona

I was a little caught out when Kenny started talking about cycles.

I am used to talking about physical cycles, he was referring to emotional cycles.

By using his four step human personality cycle

Trauma, Fear, Shame and Denial - Kenny can predict, by looking at something, a newspaper article, a TV interview or a blog post. (Maybe even - blush - by listening to a podcast). that by the language people use - where they are on this cycle.

Kenny's central theory is that emotional intelligence is not taught at schools and given that we have all these tools to represent, and misrepresent our words, that is a problem.

In his time machine, Kenny would go to the NEXT CENTURY to see how all this stuff turns out.

Gary Busey or George Cloony would play Kenny in a film.

Interestingly, Kenny has got into painting as a relaxation, although, he admits, he isn't very good at it...

Would you buy your own product?

Would you buy your own product?

saurabh chauhan
saurabh chauhan

Saurabh Chauhan

New Delhi

Saurabh first came onto my radar when I saw that he had asked the question - "Would you buy your own product?"

I put this to him and he replied that he goes by the hashtag #thehonestguy

With his magic wand, he would get a magnifying glass to see what people really need.

I think, on reflection that a pair of X-ray glasses would be better.

Saurabh has a simple rule - that when he is angry or stressed or annoyed - he doesn't call friends or family on the phone. No point in making them miserable also right?

We could all learn something from this.

Someone somewhere should register this domain and make a fortune.

Someone somewhere should register this domain and make a fortune.

toni bubb
funky thinkers

Toni Bubb 

Houston, Texas, USA

Toni is great - just full stop.

But initially because she could identify her product or creation in terms of comparing it to something that most people can relate to.

A for professional services providers and coaches.

Makes it easy for people to conceptualise - because it is effectively piggy backing the advertising of

We talked about having the emotional intelligence of knowing when to talk to someone on a plane or train, and when to stay silent.

Someone somewhere should register and make a fortune.

Unlimited travel would be Toni's ideal thing.

We talked about the trickle down effect of both parents having/needing to work full time - in a lousy job - which impacts their parenting skills - because they are too tired to actually do any - which impacts the behaviour and aspirations of their children.

Superwoman would play Toni in a film.

She can be contacted via or linkedin

We talk about The Pointer Sisters also - and here they are...

Is Waterloo, On. named after the battle?

Is Waterloo, On. named after the battle?

John Francis
john francis

John Francis  

 Ontario - Canada

 John Francis is CEO of - a virtual recruitment and retention company.

John is from Waterloo, Ontario.

In this episode, we discuss wether Waterloo was named after the battle of Waterloo.

Answer - it was.

According to wikipedia - ahem...

In 1816 the new township was named after Waterloo, Belgium, the site of the Battle of Waterloo (1815), which had ended the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

John would travel back in time to when Jesus was born - to find out exactly what went off and whose claim on God and Jesus is authentic and credible.

We are going to invent a box where John can give TedX type talks with out seeing him or him seeing anybody else.

Michael Keaton would play him in a film (it's the folicly challenged thing).

You should also check out John's podcast at workpassion fit.ere...

Swapping manly stories and playing with swords.

Swapping manly stories and playing with swords. 

Judd Borakove
judd Borakove

Judd Borakove

Atlanta , USA

In this episode I talk to Atlanta business owner, coach and consultant Judd Borakove.

Amongst other things, we talked about his #4C project.

Why HE is the annoying person that talks to everybody on the train, bus.

Clue - It is to get more/faster/better service.

You know - by treating people as humans...

Yeah remarkable I know...

Judd would like to go back in time - to hang out in the time of King Arthur. (Assuming he is real rather than a legend...)

Swapping manly stories and playing with swords.

The show I was thinking of was River Monsters with Jeremy Wade - there is an episode below also.

We decided that if you went back in time - you could get hurt AND ACTUALLY DIE if you played with swords.

Oh and by the way - there is a font below called "Ale and wenches" which, if nothing else is a great name.


Why didn’t someone tell me this before??

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

elliot katz
elliot katz

Elliot Katz - Toronto

When there's a problem in our relationships, it's often easier to blame than to take responsibility. Seeking to understand the challenges he faced, Elliott Katz explored the wisdom of the ages. He discovered powerful, often-forgotten insights that gave him the answers he needed to change. He also discovered that many people face similar challenges. People started seeking his advice and he was repeatedly told, ?

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

Elliott Katz is a professional speechwriter and the author of seven non-fiction books including the bestseller Great Country Walks Around Toronto. He has written on a wide-range of subjects from the outdoors to the economy to how to stimulate ideas in the workplace. He teaches the principles in this book to men and is available to speak at seminars and conferences.