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Do you expect the software to do ALL the work?

Do you expect the software to do ALL the work?

David McGimpsey
David McGimpsey

David McGimpsey - A Scotsman in Japan

David McGimpsey is a presentation skills trainer.

When I asked him why most presentations are shockingly bad, his reply was that most people are time poor. And like most things, they expect the software to do the work.

Which is odd, because we are only just getting to grips with software and tools like Alexa to get stuff done.

Like many Funky Thinkers before him, David recommends both some kind or focus on communication skills and emotional intelligence as part of education.

He also, for Funky Thinkers purposes, invented the word, decompression in answer to the detox or unwind question.

Being a Monty Python fan, John Cleese or Eric Idle would play David in a film.

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