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Sticky Branding

Sticky Branding

jeremy miller

Jeremy Miller is a brand strategist and the bestselling author of Sticky Branding.

He works with companies to unlock the creative genius of teams to solve complex marketing challenges such as brand naming, brand strategy, positioning, and brand storytelling.

As an inspirational keynote speaker, his blend of humor, stories, and actionable ideas will inspire you to innovate and grow a Sticky Brand. 

He can be reached at

This guy gives a personal guarantee…

This guy gives a personal guarantee...

sean douglas
sean douglas

Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas is a United States Air Force Veteran.  He enlisted in the Air Force in 2001 right after 9/11, has been deployed to multiple locations overseas, and has performed a multitude of duties all over the world.  Sean spent four years as a Drill Instructor in Air Force Basic Training where he developed over 600 men and women into military leaders.  Sean's interactive training develops the participants' skills in the Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual domains of Resilience, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively.

Sean's love for helping others achieve their dreams and instilling in them that extra motivation to finish strong is at the forefront of every speech and presentation he delivers.  Sean gives a personal GUARANTEE that the audience will leave motivated, fulfilled, and with a refreshed attitude, and backs it up with his favorable reputation.  His main goal is to have a positive impact difference in the lives of everyone he meets, to help stop self-defeating behaviors, and to inspire change in their lives.  Sean was at one time an alcoholic, almost losing his military career and his family.  Sean is a suicide survivor.  In December of 2008, Sean almost took his own life because of his drinking and negative thinking.

Taking food from people who speak a different language…

Taking food from people who speak a different language...

kira leigh

Kira Leigh is a content-cranking brand-slinging truth-telling wireframe-writing hybrid-developer-marketer one woman army.
She's also a painter, runs text-based RPGs, and loves vintage anime.

In her free time, she writes snappy, snarky op-ed pieces and records music.
A Boston native, she now lives in RI with her partner and her cat, Rolly.

In this episode we discuss drawing while on public transport and why taking food from people who speak a different language can be a good detox.