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Funkquest is an interactive conversation show. Potential FUNKSTERS get to pick their own questions. They just don't know what they are...

We are looking for insights, useful snippets, things we didn't know. We call this FUNK.

What are the FUNKQUEST rules?

Each FunkQuest episode features five rounds. Potential FUNKSTERS can be anywhere in the world and must select an icon from the board (shown below). Each icon reveals a question. Funksters have to think on their feet to give FUNKY answers

From season one playoffs onwards, each episode will include two FUNKSTERS battling head to head. The winner - based on audience votes - goes through to the next round.

​Hit the FUNKQUEST playing board below to NEVER miss an episode.

Funkquest season 1 playoff board

​Funk​Quest season one playoffs

​The top 16 FUNKSTERS from season one were invited back for the end of season playoffs. Competing against each other and with a strict time limit of ONE minute, the are vying for YOUR VOTE to become the champion FUNKSTER of season ONE.

​F​unkQuest SEASON 1 Playoffs - Latest news

​Watch these quick extracts from season one main season.

Or watch FUNKQUEST season ONE FULL episodes below

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